What to Eat if You're Not a Cow

Two important tasks.
1. Stock up on food.
2. Learn what's edible outside your door.


STOCK UP: This depends on your space and budget. If you have a lot of both, you are blessed.  


Thrive Life is the best tasting long term food I have found, and it's cheaper than most: https://www.thrivelife.com/shop. Many of its products last 30 years. You don't have to worry about expiration dates for a long time.


If you are short on space and money, just spend $10 a week extra on canned food that you like to eat. By the end of the year, you will have quite a pile. Store it under a bed or some other out of the way place. Label it with the year. After a few years, pull it out and trade it with new cans. Most canned food has an expiration date. It doesn't spoil after the date, but the quality deteriorates considerably.


LEARN: Someone can steal your food. They can't steal your knowledge of how to not to starve. I live near the Oregon coast. The edible plants here are probably not what you have outside your door. Find a book or website and LEARN all you can.  


Some info just tells you what berries are good to eat. I am interested in whether I can eat the leaves. The berries taste better, but the leaves, even if they taste nasty, are present all year long and can keep me alive.

Food on the Table

When there is food on the table, you may have many problems. When there is  NO food on the table, you only have ONE problem. Ancient Chinese proverb.


You don't know the future. If you have food in storage and the knowledge to get more food, your table will never be empty.


BTW, the sandwich pictured above is from a great restaurant in Coos Bay called Gilly's.

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