Helping Children Prepare

Preparing for emergencies shouldn't fall on your shoulders alone. Young children and teens need to be a part of the process - for their own safety and sense of empowerment.



Before something happens, prepare your children by:

  • Letting them join in the planning process.

  • Work together to build an emergency kit.

  • Discuss the kinds of hazards that could happen in your area.

  • Teach them their address, important phone numbers, the full names of family members.

  • Teach them when and how to call 911.

  • Teach them what to do if they hear a fire alarm.

  • Have fire drills, earthquake drills, tornado drills.

  • Sit down as a family and discuss your communication plan.

  • Make it fun, not scary.


FEMA and have some awesome websites made just for you and your children. 


I'm usually quite cynical about where our tax dollars go, but

Links to some great sites. Just what you need for your family.

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