BOB, the Bug Out Bag

April 16, 2016

We are going to talk about BOB, our Bug Out Bag. Why might we need BOB?

  •  Hurricane Katrina's sister storm is headed our way.

  •  Civil unrest. Riots in the streets. War. 

  •  Ebola or other deadly virus gets a foothold in our town.

  •  Earthquake or flood destroys our house.

  • Wildfire is coming our way.

  • We're just stressed and just want to get out of town and into the woods for a couple days.


Whatever the reason, it pays to be prepared. Here's some ideas for your BOB. You'll have to personalize it for your family.


Flashlight with extra batteries.
Knife - Swiss knife or multi-tool knife is a great option. to make a shelter, gather food or for security.
Pen, paper.
Matches. Fire starter.
Duct tape.
Bottles of water. Water is heavy, so a filter straw would help you not ne


ed to carry as much if there are streams in your area.
Food - freeze dried is lightest to carry. Canned food is cheapest. Many cans have pop tops, so you don't need an opener. Granola bars and trail mix are cheap and light.
Eating utensils and plates. Or just eat out of the can.
First aid kit. Disinfectant wipes. Disease is one of the biggest dangers in any survival scenario.
Rain gear. You don't want to get wet and cold. Large plastic bags work in a pinch. Wear one like a poncho.
Personal hygiene. Toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.
Small shovel.
Small tent and/or tarp for shelter.
Spare clothes. Good walking shoes. Coat.
Extra cash!
Protection. Gun and ammo? Pepper spray? Taser?
A map and compass.

Medicines? Toys for kids?
Backpack to put it all in. If you are short on money, go to a thrift store. If you can't find a backpack, a suitcase on wheels would be better than a bag you have to carry.


You are prepared and ready to go at a moment's notice!


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