Imagine...The "Big One" Happens

April 16, 2016



The “big one” happens.

They had said it would happen eventually. At first you didn't believe them.


Then  you got scared.


Then you started preparing.


Now the room is shaking. Your training kicks in, and you duck under a table and hold on.  Windows shatter. Dressers fall over. Pictures fall off the wall. You are protected and only have a couple bruises on your hands from holding on so tight. You don’t panic. That won’t help, and it is a waste of precious energy.


When the shaking stops, you stand and survey the situation. You know, because you practiced, how to turn off the utilities and avoid a post-earthquake fire.


You open your earthquake kit. You remember how you planned carefully and spent just a few dollars a week, building up your kit. Now you are grateful for your foresight.


You see neighbors frantically rushing to the stores, fighting desparately over bottled water and candles.


You watch them go.


You have light, shelter, warmth, food and water. You have knowledge to find, build or create more of what you need. To avoid disease. To protect yourself and your family. To survive. You smile.


It will be a long, hard job to rebuild, but you are a survivor.

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Imagine...The "Big One" Happens

April 16, 2016

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