Are You In The Zone?

April 22, 2016

This is for people visiting or living on the coast of Oregon and Washington.


Are you in a tsunami zone? What about your friends? Is your route home in the zone? 


I have been fascinated by this interactive map I found online. It shows predictions for the estimated maximum "splash zone" for a local tsunami for all of Oregon and much of Washington, overlaid on a Google map. I've checked out where I live, where my friends live, where I work and all the nearby towns. I didn't know there were designated assembly areas. I wonder how much supplies they have.


If you click the map and then choose a town and zoom in. It shows all of these things:


•    ROADS and land that may be under water
•    BRIDGES that may be collapsed – You won't believe how many bridges are in our towns. You don’t notice them.
•    ASSEMBLY AREAS that are designated to help people – Good places to memorize before anything happens


 In my town the coast guard, a couple fire stations and the airport will all be under water if we get a tsunami.  That's not very comforting.


The website is made by NANOOS - the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems - 40 private and government groups that work together studying the ocean and the land and towns on the coast.


Go ahead, click the map.



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