10 Reasons You Should Be Prepping

May 31, 2016


By "prepping" I mean sensible preparing for whatever disaster might happen. Learn how to take care of yourself in any situation. Store some extra food and water and supplies and learn how to get more if needed.

  1. Unemployment can happen to anyone. Or an injury could put you out of work for a long period of time. When your bank balance is zero, that freeze-dried food in your closet can be mighty tasty.

  2. Natural disasters can happen anywhere. Hurricanes in the South and East. Tornadoes in the Midwest and South. Blizzards in the North. Earthquakes in the West. "Oh, the government will take care of me." Yeah, right. Ask some Katrina survivors how that worked for them.

  3. Pandemics. You need to know how to keep yourself healthy. And if all the truck drivers and store clerks are sick, you won't be able to go to the grocery store and pick up dinner.

  4. The economy is increasingly unstable. 

  5. Cyber threats can potentially be devastating. If a hacker or EMP knocks out computers, there isn't room in this article for all the problems that could cause.

  6. War or terrorism can happen anywhere. Look at all the unrest in Europe with now with the Syrian refugees. What if there was a riot between you and the grocery store?

  7. You never run out of needed supplies. No more late night runs to the store for toilet paper.  And when you're having that big party, and you misjudged how hungry people are, you can just open a big can of chili and add that to the table. 

  8. Food is a good investment. If you bought a big bag of beans in the year 2000 for $20. In 2016 that same bag of beans would cost you $27.54. If instead you put that  $20 in a savings account in 2000, it 2016 you would only have $21.60. Food keeps up with inflation! (Calculations are from www.usinflationcalculator.com and a typical bank savings account interest of 0.5%.)

  9. Peace of mind. Knowing you are prepared for whatever happens removes worry. 

  10. Self-confidence. Prepping makes you feel better. Try it and you will see.

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