Mustard: Surprising Uses That Don't Involve a Sandwich

November 5, 2016



·         Have you noticed that eating something spicy can make you sweaty and make your  nose drip? Mustard's heat can be put to a good use if you are sick. Try rubbing some mustard on your chest. Place a warm damp cloth on top of the mustard. This is great grandma's type of health care. (This is not a substitute for medical care if you need it and can get it!)


·         Sore muscles from working too hard? Mustard plastered on the sore areas for 20-30 minutes will help. Of course in a survival situation, you need to have the ability to wash it off afterward.


·         Surprisingly mustard makes an awesome burn cream. Rub it on the burn and it instantly cools the pain and often prevents blisters from forming. This works for the typical, 1st and 2nd-degree burns, like touching a hot pan. Don't use this for large or deep, 3rd-degree burns. I learned this from my good friend who worked in a pizza place and was constantly burning herself in those 800 degree ovens. At first I didn't believe her. Mustard is spicy. Why would it cool off a burn? But it works. Try it next time you get a burn.


·         Even more surprisingly, it helps with a sore throat. Stir one tablespoon each of ground mustard seed, honey, salt and lemon juice. Mix with a cup of boiling water. Cool it and gargle. Tastes disgusting, but works.


·         Obviously, it is awesome when mixed with many kinds of foods besides sandwiches. Yum!


·         BTW, mustard may slowly lose flavor out of the fridge, but it won't spoil or hurt you if not kept cold. Great to know in a survival situation.

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